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Conclusion of the camera trap survey in the Siburan forest in the Aruyan-Malati area, O. Mindoro

Oliver's warty pig

We finally concluded our camera trap pilot study, which was presented in our post of last July 2020. This rapid survey was aiming to document the presence of the Mindoro Bleeding heart pigeon (Gallicolumba platenae), a Critically Endangered and Mindoro endemic species, in the Siburan forest in the Municipality of Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro.If confirmed, this would justify the inclusion of this forest complex, the last track of near pristine lowland forest in the Province, into the proclamation process for Critical Habitat.

Unfortunately, the five devices that were deployed in three consecutives different locations, were not able to capture this secretive animal.

Nevertheless, and despite the fact that the protocol was targeting a small ground animal, the survey was able to document the presence of at least seven species of mammals and birds. Among them, the Mindoro warty pig (Sus oliveri), listed as Endangered) and the crab-eating macaque (Macaca fasciculari), listed as vulnerable seem frequent in the area. These are important sources of meat for the residing mangyan communities and participate in their lifestyle in the area.

This rapid survey confirms that the status of the Mindoro Bleeding heart pigeon is possibly critical but does not validate that it is locally extinct. Further research with more thorough design is needed in order to properly assess the entire forest complex.

More details can be found in the technical report accessible in the section Document and Findings in the Program's page.

We would like to thank @DENR-Tamaraw Conservation Program and @Menro Lgu Sablayan for their great job. They have made possible the success of this relevant project. Maraming salamat!

#MindoroBleedingHeart #SiburanForest

Philippines Serpent Eagle

Crab Eating Macaque

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