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Education Program


This is a high school and college scholarship program for Hanunuo Mangyan teenagers from the Hanunuo Community of Panaytayan, in the town of Mansalay, Oriental Mindoro. The program also supports selected and deserving students from Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro. The foundation is currently in partnership with Manille Bienvenue; together we are supporting 3 Hanunuo Mangyan and funding their high school education.

Contact us if you are a deserving student needing to avail of this program.


(Previous program)

“Surat Mangyan” is one of the few remaining Filipino indigenous pre-hispanic “baybayin” or syllabic scripts. This program was designed for the preservation and teaching of “Surat Mangyan”, among its young generation who are fast becoming ignorant of a valuable cultural heritage. The Department of Education does not teach indigenous culture to schools attended by IPs. Therefore, the D’Aboville Foundation recognized the need to operate this program. During 10 years there were 400 to 700  Mangyan  students each year beneficiaries who were enrolled in three public elementary schools and one high school in Mansalay, Mindoro.

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