Malasimbo Demo Farm

Quick overview of the farm :

Malasimbo Demo Farm, located in Puerto Galera - Oriental Mindoro,

was established to share knowledge and techniques in agriculture, where visitors can visit and inquire about how the farm works and how to grow the produces themselves.

It is constantly evolving, we have 500 coconut trees, which today produce copra and coconut oil. The farm has over the years been experimenting with different plants, from the start we have been planting fruit trees. With a wide variety of different fruits, that produce all year round. Today we are expanding with new types of crops and fruits, and growing the number of fruit trees.

Here is a list of plants grown there:

Power House

Guyabano 12 trees 

10 pineapple 

15 jack fruit 

15 mango trees 

Mais seedling plantes last Monday in fish pond field 

Avocado 6 giving fruits and 20 planted 

More or less 500 buko trees estimate  we will probably plant dwarf coconut trees

30 newly planted papaya + few papaya 

Ara’s garden 


7 dalandan

3 tamarin trees 

1 guava

7 Macopa

3 balingbing 

1 pine tree


newly planted 

40 Chinese cancong

140 tomato seedlings 

160 radish seedlings 

20 Aragula plants 

78 petchai 

200 mustard 

10 ipil

500 Nara (for transplanting)

25 Chinese petchai ready for harvesting 

50 eggplant seedlings 

5 lettuce 

30 kalamansi trees 

75 banana trees 

50 chili 

50 Basil 

52 bell pepper 

200 sitaw 

20 okra 

30 papaya

10 tomato plants 

12 patola

60 eggplant 

11 carabao 

10 liters of coconut oil twice a year 

Team :

Vicente Lalongisip


During Lalongisip

Carabaos and Vegetable Garden


Farm Assitant


Farm Assistant


Farm Assistant

Gallery of fruits and trees :

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