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Building a Community Conservation Plan with the Taobuid and Mts Iglit-Baco Naural Park

A fourth workshop, driving the elaboration of the Taobuid Community Conservation Plan (CCP),

successfully gathered 50 Taobuid members from different communities, as well as Taobuid

representatives at station 1, Magtankob, Barangay Poypoy, Calintaan.

Common ground and basis of understanding were found to address the different points of the

agenda of the day, including the management of the zones as defined by the ENIPAS, formulating

specific actions to address threats and concerns and the creation of a wider tamaraw safe zone

beyond the Strict Protection Zone.

The goal of the CCP (Fasadan noggalaga fagbanwanan Taobuid ay mangilafang sadbasad MIBNP in

the Taobuid language) is to propose and formalize a mechanism that would avoid or solve conflicting

situations between the park office and Taobuid due to misunderstanding, miscommunication, and

lack of information on each other’s activities and initiatives, while enabling to create a larger “safe

reproduction zone” for wildlife and tamaraw. The CCP aims also to be a testimony of the wisdom and

culture of the Taobuid so as it can be transmitted to future generations.

This activity was supported by the Re:wild, Darwin Initiative, and UK Aid


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