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Strengthening group cohesion with bamboo construction workshop

Four days. This was the challenge given to the team to raise off the ground a small bamboo cabin using non-invasive construction techniques and material.

As part of the Tamaraw Month activities, a workshop on bamboo construction techniques was conducted at Station 2 in Mounts Iglit-Baco Natural Park from October 16 to 21. Several Tamaraw Conservation Program rangers, Park rangers DAF team and Taobuids residing near the station joined forces in this adventure. With bamboo experts from the Philippine Permaculture Association (PPA) as resource persons, the group learned about the ecological benefits of growing and using bamboo, clump management, planting bamboo culm cuttings, bamboo harvesting, treatment of bamboo, design, making of bamboo nails, actual bamboo construction, and maintenance. After four days, the participants were able to construct the main structure of a bamboo house at Landing. The bamboo were previously cut, soaked in running water for a month then dried during a preliminary workshop last May about bamboo selection, treatment and dissemination. The group agreed to name the bamboo house “Bale Mangibok” (Mangibok House). Mangibok is the Taobuid name of Mount Iglit. The construction will be completed as soon as cogon grass will be ready for harvest to make the roof.

This activity is supported by Re:wild,Darwin Initiative UK Aid and Mandai Nature


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