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Kali’s passing – and the Tamaraw gene pool project

Kali, the last captive tamaraw in the world, has died a quiet death a few days ago at the noble age of 21. He was maintained at the Gene Pool Farm facility in the Province of Occidental Mindoro and was under the good care of the rangers of the Tamaraw Conservation Program (DENR TCP). Kali was.the only tamaraw bred in captivity that survived to maturity. His parents were among the 20 tamaraws captured in the wild for a captive breeding program launched in the 1980s.

His full name was Kalikasan Bagong Sibol, meaning “Nature Newly sprung”.

He was the main attraction of the Gene Pool Farm and a source of inspiration for all visitors, young and old, to discover the biodiversity of Mindoro and the Philippines, and the importance of preserving it.

The Gene Pool Farm is managed by the DENR and will continue to serve as the Mindoro Biodiversity Rescue and Conservation Center in order to welcome and educate the publi.

Kali's loss is meaningful for the Filipinos:

Learn more about the Tamaraw, the conservation efforts and the gene pool farm history in the BULLetin article:


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