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In search of tamaraw in the Inner Mindoro Island (February)

Last February, we carried out a new verification survey in the inner Mindoro Island to find evidence of the presence of tamaraw beyond know sites. DAF and the TCP conducted several positive consultations with indigenous communities, collecting relevant information on the possible presence of tamaraws in several locations of the Inner Mindoro Range, North of Mts Iglit-Baco Natural Park. This information enabled us building qualitative maps to help the team in their mission.

Due to terrible weather conditions, unusual for the season, and despite covering vast stretches of remote landscape, the team was not able to monitor the entire planned area. But the positive feedback is that our local Mangyan guide corroborated our bio-geographic approach about a specific area, which will make the next mission more effective in the search for the species.

These surveys are important to establish the exact distribution of tamaraw across Mindoro.

These activities are supported by Mandai Nature, the Mohamed Bin Zayed Conservation Fund, Berlin Tierpark and ZGAP.


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