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Visit of our scientific and project partners in the Philippines (October 25 – November 2)

Meeting at the Foundation’s office (from left to right: Grace Diamante (MBCFi), Project coordinator Emmanuel Schütz, James Burton, Barney Long, President Hubert d’Aboville and D.  Geoff Tabaranza (MBCFi) (photo: E .Schütz)    

The Foundation was welcoming Dr.  James Burton, Chair of IUCN SSC Asian Wild Cattle Specialist Group and Dr. Barney Long, Director of Species Conservation, Global Wildlife Conservation, during a week visit to the Philippines to better discover our actions, discuss about our “Mangyan – Tamaraw Driven Landscape Program” and other issues regarding endangered species. Their journey was complemented by several meetings with local stakeholders and partners and a field visit to the Mts Iglit-Baco National Park on Mindoro with observation of the elusive Tamaraw. This visit ends up with promising perspectives that shall strengthen and highlight our work in Mindoro.


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