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Exploring wood carving to highlight nature and culture at Mts Iglit-Baco Natural Park

DAF team was pleased to invite two Mindorenos artists to climb up to station 2 rangers' base-camp where we are conducting our permaculture based system experiment.

The artists displayed their skills and provided coaching on the basics of wood carving to rangers, DAF team and Taobuid participating in this thrilling workshop.

In a few days, they were able to create two wooden signboards which will inscribe in the hard two major structures at the station. First, the community center under the station's tree canopy and second, the bamboo hut that was the result of a collaborative work between rangers of Mounts Iglit-Baco Natural Park - Protected Area Management Office, Tamaraw Conservation Program, DAF team and fellow Taobuid with the supervision of consultants from the Philippine Permaculture Association. An additional sign board using bamboo as another possible medium was created and will be placed at the waste segregation system. 

This trial and training is a first step towards exploring how we could use such long lasting and artistic methods to exemplify and depict indigenous traditional practices and values for cultural awareness and interpretative purposes. This approach serves the purpose of the Community Conservation Plan being crafted together with the Taobuid.

This activity was supported by Mandai Nature.


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