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Support to the MIBNP-PAMO organized Wildlife Crime Prevention Training (November 25 to 27, 2020)

Wildlife crime prevention and law enforcement are key targets for both tamaraw conservation and protection of the attributes of Mts Iglit--Baco Natural Park.

On that matter the Park office (PAMO) is conducting a series of training and workshops together with the TCP. DAF Program Officer Ronet Santos facilitated a session on “Salient Features of the ENIPAS Act of 2018 that concerns Wildlife Crime Prevention.” Neil Anthony Del Mundo, TCP Coordinator, also acted as resource speaker and discussed biodiversity conservation concepts and the salient features of the MIBNP PAMP and the TCMAP.

DAF partner and Wildlife Crime Prevention expert at GWC, Mr.James Slade, introduced to the audience the concept of Situational Crime Prevention as applied in wildlife, or how to approach wildlife crime prevention as a science aiming at preventing the crime before it happens rather than reacting to it. This approach steps away from the usual patrolling routine of rangers in pushing them to apply investigation and intelligence approach and to connect to communities as a source of information. This inception shall be followed by further training through case studies and situational exercises.

Among the other speakers, Emerson Sy of Philippine Center for Terrestrial and Aquatic Research contributed as well as Dr. Rogelio Demelletes, and Anson Tagtag of the Biodiversity Management Bureau who talked about wildlife trafficking, surveillance and monitoring, and the salient features of RA 9147 or the Wildlife Act.


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