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Strengthening the community based approach in Mts Iglit-Baco Natural Park (February - March 2020)

On March 11, 2020, DAF joined the consultation with the Tau buid fagtaynans (leaders) that the Mounts Iglit-Baco Natural Park Protected Area Management Office (PAMO) organized. PAMO presented its proposed work plan for 2020, so that the Tau buids are aware of the concerned activities and can give their feedback. Some of the Tau buid leaders were indeed involved in crafting the MIBNP Protected Area Management Plan. The Tribal Leader of the Tau buids used the diagram that depicts a traditional natural resource management practice related land-use and hunting that was developed with the help of DAF in the discussion of the initial review of the agreement on a “no-hunting area” within the core zone of monitoring in MIBNP signed among PAMO, TCP and the Tau buids in 2016. The Tau buids got a clearer idea of the 2020 activities and it was resolved that the 2016 agreement on the “no-hunting area” be presented to the MIBNP Protected Area Management Board so that this can be formulated as a resolution that will become part of the management policies of the park.


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