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Patrolling future study site for tamaraw survey with camera traps

Last September, we carried out a mission to recognize new areas with the possible presence of tamaraw in the Aruyan-Malati area. The mission was a success, as we could find tamaraw footprints, and indigenous communities along the way also confirmed its presence. This kind of activity is not only helping us to verify the presence of the animal, but also to understand the landscape (habitats, geographical features, human presence, uses of the land) and to meet the local Taobuid communities and strengthen the links between them, TCP rangers and us. All this information will be used for the design of a new camera trap survey in that location, that will complement results of our previous study in the same area and will help build a comprehensive understanding of the conservation and management needs. Thanks to DENR - Tamaraw Conservation Program, and more especially to the Aruyan-Malati TCP rangers


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