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Partners from Re:Wild and IUCN SSC AWCSG visit to the Philippines (Nov 7 to 17)

Mike Appleton and Andrew Tilker from Re:wild travelled to the Philippines for a working visit with DAF team. Their journey to MIBNP was granted with rewarding tamaraw observation. Time was used to discuss progress on site such as the permaculture based approach at station 2, the wildlife protection effort and collaboration with Taobuid communities, PAMO and TCP.

James Burton from IUCN SSC AWCSG followed the visit for our meeting with the new DENR MIMAROPA Regional Director in Manila; an opportunity to introduce ourselves, our respective organizations, DAF program, achievements and plans for further support to DENR’ work plans in Mindoro.

As usual, it was a pleasure to host our international partners and share thoughts on conservation challenges with them.


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