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Mindoro Tamaraw Meta-Population approach – looking for monitoring techniques (July 2022)

DAF team is currently assisting the Tamaraw Conservation Program (TCP) in the special DENR project “Research on the Meta-Population of Tamaraw in Mindoro”. First goal is to identify where there is still tamaraw beyond know sites across Mindoro. The second is to identify possible methods to monitor tamaraw sub-populations in those remote areas. On that matter DAF was assisting the TCP team to build a rapid transect design that was tested in the Upper Amnay Watershed Region. The objective is to assess if this method is suitable in the context of this rough region.

Once again, Upper Amnay proves challenging for the body and the mind. We want to acknowledge the hard work of the people involved in this fieldwork, including our DAF field technical officer, Jackie Belmonte Jr, who joined the mission.

This work is supported by Mandai Nature


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