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Mansalay Visit: Water Filter Donations and Surat Mangyan Filming

On November 30 to December 2, 2016, we conducted two important things to cap this year’s activities: (1) water filter donation and (2) filming of the Surat Mangyan Teaching Program.

WATER FILTER DONATION Water with Blessing is the newest partner of the D’Aboville Foundation in putting into action its aim to provide better life for the Mangyan indigenous peoples. A total of 120 Sawyer PointONE water filters were distributed, covering a total of 500 families and four schools.

These filters are of premium quality and could bring out drinking water out of non-potable water. Clean drinking water is a major problem amongst the communities in far-flung barangays, causing malnutrition among children and adults. The pails where the filters were attached were donated by the D’Aboville Foundation.

SURAT MANGYAN FILMING The filming of this program is necessary to provide a visual reference to our supporters, friends, and prospective sponsors. This video will take us into the daily life of the Mangyan people, thereby providing a more convincing material to merit support.

Aside from the filming we were able to observe and ensure the excellence of the two Hanunuo Mangyan teachers and the effectiveness of their teaching methods.

The four schools we visited gave us all a warm welcome. Both the students and the faculty agreed that the program is effective. Prior to the start of our program, most children did not know how to write the Surat Mangyan.


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