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Learning to be self-sufficient in your natural environment

Our partner from the Philippine Permaculture Association conducted an exciting thematic training at Station 2 in Mts. Iglit-Baco Natural Park in the frame of DAF's permaculture approach to better use and harness the natural resources of the park in building a sustainable landscape for the tamaraw, Taobuid communities, and the rangers.

In a few days, attendees including Park rangers, tamaraw rangers, Taobuid members, and the DAF team learned how to do soap-making, candle-making, drinking water filtration system, and food preservation, from principles to practice, using the resources that can be found at the station or nearby.

Rangers even created a new product based on acacia pods, a non-native tree that can be found in numbers around the station. The jam-like result tastes like a combination of peanut butter and Nutella. 

The goal of this training was to provide the primary elements for reducing trash, especially non-organic and polluting chemicals, by "doing it yourself" through recycling kitchen wastes and harnessing natural resources. It also highlighted that livelihood is not only based on earning more money but rather on learning not to spend it.

Image gallery of workshop:


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