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Journey in the heart of Mindoro to assess a remote Tamaraw population (February 1 – 13)

Team Proceeding in the Mountain of Oriental Mindoro

In collaboration with our DENR TCP partner and the local Alangan Mangyan communities, DAF conducted a 14 days exploration mission in the heart of Mindoro, at the border of the two provinces, in order to assess the size and the situation of an isolated Tamaraw population. The existence of this remote population was corroborated during our previous rapid survey in June 2017. Results of this new survey confirm what shall be considered as a new official sub-population and the second largest tamaraw population in Mindoro after Mts Iglit-Baco National Park.

It also paves the way for building stronger cooperation and structuring the involvement of the upland Alangan communities whose living space encompasses this tamaraw sub-population.

This is an optimistic finding opening for new challenges and responsibilities. This population will be subject to specific measures and planing.

Mossy Forest

Fresh Tamaraw Tracks

Fresh Dung of Tamaraw

Exit through Occidental Mindoro


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