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Community immersion for local students at the permaculture system at Mts Iglit-Baco Natural Park

DAF is glad to supervise eight students from the Occidental Mindoro State College Murtha campus in conducting their internship in the frame of their agroforestry curriculum.

The batch is divided into two groups under the good care and guidance of Cleo and Francly, our two Field Permaculture Officers at the permaculture-based system for food production and ecosystem restoration at Station 2 in MIBNP. The students are helping with the different works needed to establish the system as well as the daily task and routine of the remote life in the mountain, while receiving coaching in using GPS, QGIS and excel software. Their imagination is also put on practice to build new components, of their own designs and initiative, such as grey water filtering system for DAF kubo a mini garden for herbs and vegetables next to the kitchen and harnessing local resources to make jam, thus capturing the concept of zones and energy in permaculture.

The students have still few weeks to go but this experience opens the path for using our experiment at station 2 as a platform for practicum in sustainable development for local academe and local communities.

This activity is supported by Re:wild and Darwin Initiative, UK Aid.


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