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Helping Philippine stakeholders to shape a functional biodiversity corridor for Mindoro

Last November, DAF team was invited by the Mindoro Biodiversity Corridor Project, a GEF-UNDP-DENR initiative, to present part of our work in Mindoro during a dedicated workshop: High Conservation Value Area Workshop for Habitat Suitability Mapping and Initial Landscape Analysis for Corridor Connectivity of Bubalus mindorensis.

We also assisted our partners from UST from the project from DOST MATAPAT to present our work together, plus some other research of the students.

It was very interesting presentations, including from Mindoro Biodiversity and Tamaraw Conservation Program, and great discussions and engagements happened between DENR Mimaropa and its local offices, Mindoro LGU offices and other stakeholders.

We look forward to continue with this great collaboration.


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