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Exploring the use of permaculture for Mts Iglit-Baco Natural Park (June 2021)

Discussion with Punong Tribo about permaculture

The Protected Area Management Office of Mts. Iglit-Baco Natural Park is developing a

sustainable resource management model in the park.

DAF and their partner are assisting the DENR in this initiative aiming at:

 Establish an integrated organic farm structure at station 2 using permaculture

concepts and conservation agriculture in order to:

- Feed the rangers assigned in MIBNP (livelihood enhancement)

- Provide organic and locally produced food to the visitors

- Limit import of food supply from outside

- Limit trashes and non-organic materials management

 Promote this farming structure as a platform for:

- Alternative food production and farming practices

- Training, coaching and experimental site for residing Indigenous People

- Skills and traditional knowledge exchange and documentation

To achieve these objectives, the Philippine Permaculture Association (PPA) was invited for an exploratory visit for nine days in Mindoro to discuss how the above objectives can be achieved and share their expertise and experience in permaculture with local stakeholders including the Taobuid communities.

A key output of the visit was an initial design for a permaculture-based system that could be pertinent in the context of the park and a base camp, called Station 2, located four hours hike from the end of the passable road. This area serves as the main duty station for the rangers going on patrols as well as a meeting place of Taobuids and park staff for consultation. The proposed design consists of a plan for food gardens, culture of local fish species, raising of native pigs and chicken using the existing structures at Station 2; and a plan for an adjacent grassland dominated area (called “Landing") that would have a forest garden section for food production and a section for demonstrating natural forest restoration.

The initial design and how to implement it is currently being discussed with our local

partners for finalization and kick off. PPA shall become a strong partner in that overall plan.


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