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Documentation of traditional natural resource management practices of the Tau buids (January 2020)

During a one day meeting workshop, DAF team and Mounts Iglit-Baco Natural Park (MIBNP) Protected Area Management Office (PAMO) furthered their discussion with Tau buid fufuamas (elders) about their traditional way of managing natural resources. The purpose of understanding and documenting these traditional practices is to harmonize these with the MIBNP protected area management plan. The Tau buids generally have low-impact lifestyles. Some of their traditional practices involve respecting sacred sites where natural resource extraction is not allowed or strictly spiritually regulated, designation of areas that are called fagfatungkudan mangilafang(wildlife refuge where wildlife can reproduce), observance of fallow system in swidden farms to allow farmed areas to be restored, and installation of efalimuan wani em tanoman (protection system for swiddens). The series of discussions resulted in a diagram that depicts a traditional natural resource management practice related land-use and hunting that will be validated through another series of discussions with the fufuamas. The diagrams used Tau buid terms and a lot of images so that these could be understood and validated by the fufuamas most of whom do not read Roman scripts.

The diagram will be part of the documentation of the Tau buid traditional practices that will be included in their application for Certificate of Ancestral Domain Title (CADT).


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