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Building grey water filtering system for ranger’s laundry spot at MIBNP (January)

One step at a time, Mount iglit-Baco Natural Park is meeting a higher standard level as Asean Heritage Park. Under the guidance of our partners from the Philippines Permaculture Association, this is the water system that was enhanced that time at the ranger’s station 2.

Using gravel, sand and stones from the nearby river, a countertop was mounted to fit two sinks, one for washing dishes and the other for laundry. The grey water will then be filtered through a canal system following several compartments. This system will be independent from the kitchen area where water used for cooking will be directly rejected in a fish pond with the overflow irrigating the adjacent vegetable garden.

This system is replacing the previous one where all soap and detergent were rejected with water used for cooking in a single place.

This activity was supported by the Re:wild, Darwin Initiative, and UK Aid


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