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Annual Tamaraw Population Count 2019 – Testing a new method (April 1 to 8)

The last tamaraw count done this April which is an operation conducted every year in Mts Iglit-Baco Natural Park since the year 2000, was the opportunity to introduce and test a new assessment approach using the double observers’ method. The method, proposed by Christophe Bonenfant, our French CNRS Wildlife Researcher collaborator, has already proven consistent for several other ungulate species. It aims to extract a probability of detection, which with time would allow conducting assessment in any type of habitats.  The final goal is to develop population dynamic indicators based on non-invasive protocols. This method reduces the need to use fire regime through grassland burning before each count.

The method was deployed over 8 vantage points and was an exciting challenge for rangers and DENR participants.

This year, the consolidated count results estimate a tamaraw population of 473 to 483 individuals. Further statistical analysis will help refine these results and measure accuracy of the annual count.


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