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31st Annual Philippine Biodiversity Symposium

The #BCSPat31 has ended. Time to review and reflect on the event. Individuals and groups from the public and private sector, academe, and NGOs presented the results of their research activities and discussed strategies and next steps to preserve wildlife, ecosystems, and landscapes. It was a great pleasure for us to participate in the sessions and meet all the colleagues working hard to achieve this goal. We had the opportunity to conduct our own workshop on the “big three” of Mindoro (tamaraw, Mindoro warty pig and Philippine deer) where we presented the state of knowledge and current initiatives and explored potential collaborations and new ideas.

In our workshop, we are very proud to have gathered different stakeholders, like @Mindoro Biodiversity, @University Santo Tomas Project Matapat, and @DENR Tamaraw Conservation Program, to jointly conduct this activity, showing how important collaboration is between organizations in ensuring success. Maraming Salamat to our collaborators and attendees, especially @Philippine Biodiversity Society for such a great event!


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