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Webinar with students of Tembusu College in Singapore

The D'ABOVILLE Foundation and Demo Farm Inc was pleased to respond to the invitation of tWild, a Wildlife Conservation Interest Group under Tembusu College in the National University of Singapore, to give a talk about our program and action in the Philippines.

The group of students was particularly interested to learn more about the tamaraw, its conservation and action taken on that matter.

The presentation lasted 2 hours in the evening of October 15th, Hubert d’Aboville presented the foundation, followed by an extensive description by Emmanuel Schütz about the Mangyan-Tamaraw Driven Landscape Program, and finally a Q&A session.

We were very pleased about this opportunity to share our work, vision and endeavor to aspiring conservationists. 16 students attended the talk as well as a teacher.

It is also nice to see that enthusiastic groups of young people and students outside the Philippines are eager to know more about nature and endangered wildlife in other countries.


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