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Team building and training to launch the establishment of the permaculture based system in Mts Iglit

From November 3 to 10, an eclectic group composed of Mounts Iglit-Baco Natural Park - MIBNP /Denr TamarawConservationprogram staff and rangers, Mangyan Taubuid community members and DAF team, participated in a “Basic Permaculture Design Course.” The course was conducted in Labros Adventure Camp and Waterfront in Calintaan, Occidental Mindoro with site visits to the nearby Hilltop Moringa Farms. Bert Peeters from the Philippine Permaculture Association and Victor Ong of Hiraya Farm and Resort were the resource persons for the event.

The course is following the initial site visit of Bert and Vic to MIBNP last June, where we explored the pertinence of permaculture to enhance station 2 as a demonstration site for sustainable farming practice and habitat restoration in MIBNP.

Through lectures, group work, practical demonstrations, and site visits, the participants learned the theoretical foundations of permaculture design and gained practical skills in designing ecologically-sound and culturally-sensitive systems that are not only resilient and productive but also beautiful and anchored on the efficient use of energy.

The course culminated in the creation of the second iteration of designs for Station 2 and the adjacent “Landing” area (currently dominated by grasses with disturbed soil and low biomass) that will serve in guiding the team in getting the system off the ground.


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