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Strengthening the agenda of local stakeholders with international partner Feb 2018

Together with its international partners, DAF is supporting the organization of a new Tamaraw Population Habitat Viability Assessment workshop (PHVA) to be conducted in last quarter 2018 in Mindoro. On that purpose a second meeting was held at the National DENR BMB office in Quezon City in presence of Dr. James Burton of the IUCN/SSC AWCSG and CCTU Conservation Program officer, Mr. Jeff Holland.

In parallel, substantial work and progress were done towards the design of the Protected Area General Management Plan for Mts Iglit-Baco National Park, thanks to the second visit in the Philippines of GWC expert in Protected Area Management, Mr Mike Appleton. Protected Area Superintendent for MIBNP must submit the Plan by December 2018. DAF and its partners will be active contributors to help her achieve this mission.

This is two challenging and crucial agendas which will structure program’s activities and schedule in the coming months.


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