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Presenting camera trap methodology to LGU Sablayan during Tamaraw month (28-10-2019)

October is the Tamaraw month in Mindoro. At this occasion, the DENR TCP organizes events and site visits with local stakeholders and the general public to raise awareness about the species and its habitat.

At the invitation of our partner, Fernando, DAF Tamaraw Conservation Research Officer, joined the TCP during a meeting with the LGU Sablayan and the Municipality Mayor office. It was a good opportunity to discuss about the small population of tamaraw still found in the Aruyan Malati area. Fernando presented the camera traps methodology as a consistent way to collect information on this small and secretive population. Such study would help understand the conservation status and ecology of the species there and support the proclamation of the area as “Critical Habitat”.

The LGU committed to deliver a resolution in order to implement such research approach in the soonest. Use of camera traps in the Aruya Malati area will be conducted as a common effort between TCP and DAF and help to meet the objectives defined in the TCMAP.


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