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Meeting with Philippine government officials to pave the way of the TCMAP implementation (March 2-6)

Ass Sec Calderon meeting 4 march 20

Several constructive meetings with DENR and government officials were organized at the occasion of the visit of Dr. James Burton, chair of the IUCN SSC – AWCSG, earlier this month.

The DENR BMB and Regional Office are working hands to hands to pass the Department Administrative Order (DAO) that shall help to institutionalize the TCP as an office and materialize the Tamaraw Conservation and Coordination Council (TC3).

Congresswoman “Nene” Sato of Occidental Mindoro committed to support this DAO and all initiatives substantiating the TCMAP. Her aura among the Mangyans of Mindoro will greatly help the concerned communities to understand and embrace the Tamaraw Action Plan and all the activities in which they will be involved.

Congress-woman Sato meeting 3 march 20


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