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Exploring the use of “Citizen Science” in biodiversity conservation (Feb 14-16)

This February, DAF core team (Manu, Ronet, Fernando) participated in a symposium and

workshop entitled: “Citizen Science in conservation research”. The event was organized by Global Biodiversity Conservation Conference (GBCC) and hosted by the Talarak Foundation in the city of Bayawan in Negros Oriental.

Granted by the presence of numerous local and international organizations and professors, the workshop was exploring the role, limits and benefits of using citizen science in conservation projects. The event concluded with the visit of the Bayawan Nature Reserve, a model of collaboration between the Local Government Unit and an NGO. In this fenced 300ha pilot site, the foundation attempts to restore the original fauna of the Island of Negros, integrating residing rural communities in the process.

This event was very inspirational for DAF as we seek for such approach to enhance our scope of work in Mindoro.

Talarak Foundation Inc:


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