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Taobuid Liaison Officer

PANIO NOVELOZO was born on May 28, 1996 in Tamisan, Poypoy, Calintaan. He belongs to the Toabuid ethno-linguistic group and was a product of the Alternative Learning System (ALS) for elementary and secondary education in the village where he grew up. He was able to reach first year of college education at the agricultural school of the Occidental Mindoro State College campus in Murtha, San Jose, Occidental Mindoro.

Panio is the youngest son of Punong Tribu Fausto Novelozo, the recognized supreme leader of the Taobuids. At the foundation, he works as the Taobuid Liaison Officer, helping the DAF team to link and connect with his fellows in the most culturally relevant manner.

Panio likes to work with his hands; he constructed his own house made of native materials. With his wife and in-laws he tends a “gamason” (swidden). He knows the names in Taobuid language of many plants and animals found in MIBNP. He also knows many of the “funans” (leaders) and the head of families of the Tabouids in the uplands of MIBNP.

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