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 Community outreach officer

JUANITA MALLILLIN SAET, works as the Community Outreach Officer at the Foundation.  She is fondly called Nina in the community development initiatives that she is affiliated to. 

Nina was a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Santo Tomas.  She completed her basic education in San Juan City in Metro Manila, the place where she grew up and raised by her parents. 

She moved to Occidental Mindoro when she started her own family back in 1998.  Since then she has been involved in various community development works for the marginalized groups, including children, women and IPs with various NGOs and NGAs, including massive project such as PLAN International.  For more than 12 years now, she has been serving the IP Mangyan tribes of Occidental Mindoro including the Taobuid tribe who lives with the tamaraws in the uplands of MIBNP.  She has been engaged with the foundation for almost 2 years collectively.

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