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John Carlo Redeña-Santos
Protection and Law Enforcement Officer

John Carlo Redeña-Santos

Carlo is an early career conservationist that specializes in Philippine wildlife research and spatial modeling tools for wildlife conservation. He has a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and Management and a Master’s degree in Wildlife Studies.

He started his conservation career in Mindoro in 2018 as a field volunteer for various biodiversity assessments in the island. Prior to joining the D’ABOVILLE Foundation, Carlo worked as a Science Research Specialist for Project MATAPAT of the University of Santo Tomas where he worked in collaboration with DAF staff.

Now a member of the D’ABOVILLE Foundation, Carlo fills the position of Protection and Law Enforcement Officer where he collaborates with different law enforcement agencies in Mindoro to increase the frontline protection coverage and effectiveness for all Tamaraw sites. A part of his job also includes the implementation of SMART technology (Spatial Monitoring and Reporting Tool) and the development of strategies for wildlife crime prevention.

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