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Emmanuel Schutz
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Project Manager, Mangyan-Tamaraw Driven Landscape Program

Emmanuel Schütz

Emmanuel is the Project Manager of Mangyan-Tamaraw Driven Landscape Program.

He is a French biologist with specialization in wildlife ecology and large terrestrial mammals. He completed his Master degree studying the Lynx in the Bialowieza forest of Poland. After bicycling the whole northern hemisphere for more than a year, he focuses his attention to human-wildlife coexistence and biodiversity conservation. He gains experience working in a private estate wildlife reserve restoring ancestral European mega-fauna in Southern France, then as Feasibility Study Coordinator for establishing a Scientific Research Center in France.

On the behalf of the Asian Wild Cattle Specialist Group (IUCN-SSC), he initiates a conservation project in 2012 targeting the critically endangered Tamaraw on the Island of Mindoro in the Philippines with the French NGO Noé Conservation. With the D’ABOVILLE Foundation, he extends the project to a holistic approach addressing the Mangyan indigenous communities and their natural environment. Besides this, he guides and coordinates treks to promote ecotourism in Mindoro in cooperation with Outdoor Tour Operators.

He is a member of the Philippine Biodiversity Conservation Society (BCSP) and an IUCN Red List Assessor for the Tamaraw and Mindoro Warty Pig. He also gives time and expertise to the French think-tank HOPE that works towards Rewilding in France.

Most of his free time is devoted to his other passion, wood work and house restoration, exploring use of healthy natural materials and sustainable construction techniques.

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