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Christian A. Rosales
Project Assistant and Board Member

Dr. CHRISTIAN A. ROSALES, is a cultural anthropologist.


He received his Doctor of Philosophy in Anthropology at the University of the Philippines in Diliman with Dissertation on the “Tigian: The Significance of Consensual Power in the Customary Justice System of the Iraya Mangyan”. His successful dissertation is an outcome of his 9 years graduate engagement with the Mangyan people.


His research interests and specializations include Ecological Anthropology, Political and Legal Anthropology, Archaeology, Philosophies and Religions in Asia, Mangyan Indigenous Justice System, Mangyan Indigenous Cosmology, and Mangyan “Space” Concept among others.


“Dr. Mangyan” as he is causally called by his colleagues entirely dedicates his anthropological engagement to the Mangyans of Mindoro.

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