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Ara d'Aboville
Board Member

Araceli “Ara” d’Aboville is the wife of Hubert d’Aboville and mother to two other board members, Emman and Olivia. She bore the idea of the Surat Mangyan Teaching Program when it came to her knowledge that majority of the younger Mangyans did not know how to write their own pre-hispanic script. Feeling the burden to preserve a very important cultural heritage of the tribe as well as for the entirety of the Filipino people, she pooled skilled Hanunuo women who have the ability to teach the Surat Mangyan.
She then coordinated with public schools where the Mangyan children are enrolled so the classes can be formalized and held in a proper learning environment. Now the Surat Mangyan Teaching Program is successfully being held in 3 elementary schools and one high school, teaching over 600 Mangyan students.


Ara is also the main mover behind the scholarship program. She monitors the
performance of the scholars and makes sure they get what they need on time.
Hubert’s passion to uplift and empower the Mangyans paired with her motherly love and genuine concern makes them a terrific duo, setting the right direction for the foundation.

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