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Aidan Hilker
Board Member 

An avid sailor and diver, Aidan has been exploring the waters around Mindoro since he was a small child.  He studied at the American University of Paris, then returned to the Philippines and his family home in Puerto Galera.


In 2005 as part of his Eagle Scout project, he organized a donation drive for the Puerto Galera hospital, culminating in a medical mission where a dozen doctors from Makati Medical Center travelled down to treat patients, which was well attended by the Mangyan tribes, and opened his eyes to the number and need for support to the tribes of Mindoro.

Taking over from his father he's been on the board of PUERTO GALERA MOST BEAUTIFUL BAY, Inc.  Since 2014 where he's worked closely with the d'Abovilles through the years, as they successfully hosted the  2015 world congress, and continue to work to preserve and promote the beauty of Puerto Galera bay.

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