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Camera trap project in Siburan forest in Aruyan-Malati area, a critical habitat (July 2020)

Besides the tamaraw, the Aruyan - Malati area in Occidental Mindoro is hosting other prominent species, such as the endemic and Critically Endangered Mindoro Bleeding heart (Gallicolumba platenae), that justify the classification of this area as Critical Habitat. On that purpose, the Municipality of Sablayan is eager to integrate the Siburan forest into the future delineation. The Siburan forest, the largest remaining lowland forest of Occidental Mindoro, is known to have some of the sightings of the species in the whole Mindoro and represents a perfect habitat for this ground dove.

The Municipal Environment and Natural Resource Office (MENRO) of Sablayan  is requesting the assistance of the Tamaraw Conservation Program (DENR - TCP) to assess and monitor the presence of this iconic and rare species that suffers from very little evidence.

The TCP invited DAF to be part of this project, in order to provide assistance, equipment and expertise, thus forming a three-party collaboration.

So far, five camera traps have been deployed in specific locations of the Siburan forest as a preliminary study of the area during the rainy season of 2020. Results will help us to obtain information that could lead to include this forest within our future camera trap study of the tamaraw in the area and to assess the presence of the Mindoro Bleeding Heart and other species of importance at the same time. SD cards will be verified every couple of weeks so as to deliver their secrets.

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