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Camera trap occupancy study at Aruyan Malati – time to look at findings (June 2022)

After six months of field work, the team eventually retrieved the camera trap devices from their last position this last May. The data collected will now undergo thorough analysis thanks to our collaboration with our scientific partners from ReWild and CNRS France. We expect the findings to reveal some important information on the conservation status of different wildlife species of the region such as the Mindoro warty pig, and of course to assess the situation of the small population of the critically endangered tamaraw, which still survive there.

After all, this research work proved very positive in building capacities of the staff of DENR-Tamaraw Conservation Program while strengthening our relationship and understanding of the Taobuid Mangyan communities living in the area, as well as to create better collaboration with MENRO LGU Sablayan;


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