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Jackie M. Belmonte Jr.
Field technical Officer - Research assistant

JACKIE M. BELMONTE JR., serves as a Field Technical Assistant at the Foundation. He was born on August 23, 1997.


He belongs to the Tau-Buid Mangyan Tribe in Occidental Mindoro. Being well assimilated to the Lowlands, he was able to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in History at the Occidental Mindoro State College.


He is fluent in the English Language other than in Filipino and the Tau-Buid dialect. His main contributing attribute to the program is an excellent familiarity in the physical and socio-geographic landscape of Mts. Iglit-Baco NaturalPark. He is a son of a former Park Ranger who served the Government at the Tamaraw Conservation Program (TCP) for more than two decades.

After several years with DAF, Jackie has gained precious skills and experience in conducting field research protocols , use of GPS device, cyber tracker device for SMART technology, use of camera traps and field equipment for habitat assessment, reporting and situational analysis.

He is working in all tamaraw sites across Mindoro.

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