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Tamaraw survey 1

Third verification survey of the Upper Amnay Watershed Region (Aug 30 – Sept 12)

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Together with the DENR-TCP and support from MBCFi partner, a third journey to the heart of Mindoro was conducted to complete the assessment of the newly confirmed population of Tamaraw. The team composed of DAF IP Field Technical Assistant, TCP rangers and MBCFi biologists, together with local Mangyan-Alangan guides and porters  was focusing its attention to the east side of the surveyed range. The mission confirms the presence of Tamaraw in Oriental Mindoro, which is a major discovery for the Province.

Results show that Tamaraw range is larger than previously though. This proves that Mindoro is still sheltering substantial wild Tamaraw populations, which is a positive sign for long term conservation.

Tamaraw survey 2

MBCFi tamaraw pic - survey 3

Tamaraw annual count Image 2

Tamarraw Annual Count 2018

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The tamaraw annual count was carried out 16-21 of last April in Mounts Iglit-Baco Natural Park, Occidental Mindoro. DAF took part in it by providing field and technical personnel to aid in the effort, including Field Technical Assistants Jackie M. Belmonte Jr., Raddy Baldera, Program Director Emmanuel Schütz, and Tamaraw Research Officer Alvaro Gonzalez-Monge.  The efforts involving TCP, local communities, other governmental organizations and several NGOs, led to a consolidated final count of 523 individuals, the highest yet recorded since annual counts started in 2000.


Tamaraw annual count Image 3


Tamaraw annual count Image 1


Consultation with residing Mangyan communities and local stakeholders regarding programs and development within Mts Iglit-Baco Protected Area (December 8)

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DAF with the presence of E. Schütz participated to the large consultation meeting held at station 1 in Mts Iglit-Baco National Park last December 8. The meeting was at the initiative of the Tau-Buid tribal leader, inviting all residing communities, DENR agencies, NCIP and NGOs to discuss the ongoing developments within the PA. He emphasized about the tradition and culture of the tribe, the new challenges facing communities and need for people to be cautious of the quick changes in lifestyle but also for the DENR to adjust its approach and measures.

DAF presented its vision and main goals of its program, highlighting its support toward the development of a consistent Protected Area General Management Plan.

It was also the opportunity to discuss about the traditional hunting practices and use of traps around the 2016 hunting agreement. Indeed, several tamaraws were recently found dead due to snare traps using nylon, highlighting changes in traditional practices and use of non natural materials.

Tamaraw camera trap Aruyan-Malati

First tamaraw pictures caught by the camera traps in Aruyan-Malati (December 2017)

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A group of three tamaraws was captured using camera trapping method in the Aruyan-Malati area. The method was recently initiated and deployed in this critical location in order to gather more information about this struggling subpopulation. No more than 15 animals might indeed survive there. This is an encouraging result. This method will be also used to complement monitoring patrols of the rangers.

workshop tamaraw monitoring2

Workshop on Tamaraw monitoring techniques with TCP rangers (November 10)

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Program Manager Emmanuel Schütz and his field technical assistant J. Belmonte, in collaboration with TCP coordinator Ms. P. David jr, conducted a workshop with the rangers’ team leaders assigned on tamaraw patrolling. The aim is to establish a standard monitoring protocol in collecting specific data during the regular rangers’ patrols. These information are important to understand the dynamic of the tamaraw population in relation to natural and human factors and their disturbance impact.

camera traps1

Workshop and training with local DENR staff on the use of camera traps (November 9)

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Program Manager Emmanuel Schütz and Johanna Rode-Margono of Chester Zoo conducted a workshop at the Gene Pool Farm, to train DENR MENRO staff and TCP/PAO rangers on the use of camera traps. This method will be used to gather additional data on tamaraw and other wildlife of Mindoro. One week initial test inside the Gene Pool reveals the presence of warty pig in the area.


camera traps2

visit gene pool farm

Visit of International Partners from Berlin Tierpark (Germany) and Chester Zoo (UK) – November 7 to 13, 2017

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In November 2017, Christian Kern and Nadja Niemann of Berlin Tierpark and Johanna Rode-Margono and Scott Wilson of Chester Zoo, traveled to the Philippines to visit our program’s site in Mindoro and explore further activity development. The journey welcomed also expert in captive breeding. Pavel Hospodarsly, and Geoff Tabaranza from MBCFi. It was a good opportunity for the whole of us to discuss with local stakeholders as well as to meet with the people involved in Tamaraw conservation and environmental protection in Mindoro.


sablayan meeting

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