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Release of the Tamaraw Conservation and Management Action Plan (October 2019)

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Following the PHVA Action Planning Workshop and nearly 8 months of collaborative work, the IUCN-SSC CPSG team is happy to present the Tamaraw Conservation and Management Action Plan (TCMAP) that will serve as guidance and main tool of action to preserve the Tamaraw and its habitats in the next 10 years.

The document has been approved by Regional and National DENR Level and will now go through the legal endorsement process.

DAF is particularly proud to have actively contributed to this action plan’s creation and very glad to see it established.


TCMAP Vision (PdF Link)


DENR visit

Visit of International Partners to move forward with the Tamaraw Conservation and Management Action Plan (TCMAP) (August 18 to 27)

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IUCN AWCSG chair, Dr. James Burton and CCTU Director of Conservation scheduled a series of meetings to finalize the validation of the TCMAP with DENR officials and local partners. We presented the proposal for a Feasibility Study to assess the relevance of an ex-situ intervention to strengthen tamaraw conservation across Mindoro; one of the initial and decisive action of the TCMAP.

Results were beyond our expectation with perspective to get the TCMAP endorsed shortly at the Regional level and raised at the National level with substantial budget to be allocated for the project.

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Welcoming our new Tamaraw Conservation Research Officer (August 19)

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Freshly arrived from Spain, our new Tamaraw Conservation Research Officer (TCRO), Mr. Fernando Garcia Gil, challenged the mud and the rain of Mts Iglit-Baco Natural Park during  this rainy season in order  to meet with local DAF team and rangers and get a glimpse of the natural context of the Park.

Fernando’s mission will be in the continuation of Alvaro’s fieldwork, our previous TRO and will concentrate on several aspects:

  • Develop alternative census method of tamaraw.
  • Initiate deeper experiment on the dynamics of the natural habitat and impact of fire regime in the Park.
  • Expand knowledge on the ecology of the tamaraw and other wildlife in several sites in Mindoro.

Fernando 2

Berlin Tierpark

Visiting DAF’ International Partner: Berlin Tierpark (July 3-6)

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Program Manager Emmanuel Schütz visited Berlin, Germany to meet with Christian Kern, Deputy Zoological Director of Berlin Tierpark. This was a good opportunity to share and discuss about the Program’s progress and perspective including both in-situ and ex-situ approaches.

Albeit no live animals are in captivity, the public can get a glimpse of the tamaraw and Mindoro at Tierpark thanks to the thematic in-situ conservation exhibit “Tierpark in Action”.

Berlin Tierpark has been a truthful partner of DAF since 2016 and is committed to continue its support in 2020.


Deployment of cyber trackers and SMART platform to fight illegal activities (April ’19 onward)

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Mts Iglit-Baco Natural Park was selected as a pilot site by the DENR tocestablish the SMART international platform system (Spatial Monitoring and Reporting Tool).

GWC Wildlife Crime Prevention expert, James Slade assisted DAF and its local partners in Mindoro to set up the system during a 3 weeks training addressing office staff and field rangers. There is now 12 cyber trackers deployed and 3 dedicated computers with SMART software operating at the TCP office and PAMO MIBNP.

Coordinators and rangers can now organize and monitor patrolling efforts, increasing effectiveness, resource management and personnel safety.

Capacity building will be continued to improve the data model, increase skills and expand the use of SMART in other sites.


smart training 1

Rappler on the Tamaraw Conservation Project

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Rappler recently visited Mindoro and Mts Iglit-Baco Natural Park. In their article below they highlight about budget cuts for the Tamaraw Conservation Program by the DENR this 2019, thus seriously complicating the work of the Tamaraw rangers and hindering efficient protection. More than ever we will need strong help from the private sector to overcome these short-comings and ensure strong conservation action towards Mindoro’s biodiversity.

Link to article bellow :



Annual Tamaraw Population Count 2019 – Testing a new method (April 1 to 8)

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The last tamaraw count done this April which is an operation conducted every year in Mts Iglit-Baco Natural Park since the year 2000, was the opportunity to introduce and test a new assessment approach using the double observers’ method. The method, proposed by Christophe Bonenfant, our French CNRS Wildlife Researcher collaborator, has already proven consistent for several other ungulate species. It aims to extract a probability of detection, which with time would allow conducting assessment in any type of habitats.  The final goal is to develop population dynamic indicators based on non-invasive protocols. This method reduces the need to use fire regime through grassland burning before each count.

The method was deployed over 8 vantage points and was an exciting challenge for rangers and DENR participants.

This year, the consolidated count results estimate a tamaraw population of 473 to 483 individuals. Further statistical analysis will help refine these results and measure accuracy of the annual count.







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