Malasimbo Festival 2017 Line Up and Schedule of Activities

Excited for Malasimbo? Let us guide you so you can make the most of the festival! Here are the things that should be on your Malasimbo Bucket List:

  1. LIVE PERFORMANCES Here is the final schedule of performances. Take note that we will have two stages, one at the ampitheratre (main stage) and another one at the Mangyan Village. Here’s the list for main stage:17098263_1753803484645083_872489431916577001_n
  2. SILENT DISCO What on earth is Silent Disco? Get yourself to the Mangyan Village at these hours and you’ll know! Take note that there are limited headphones so get yourself there as early as you can. At 5-7 pm, we’ll also have DJs performing live. 17021358_1753803564645075_2310747149582463651_n
  3. INDIGENOUS PEOPLE AND ENVIRONMENT ACTIVITIES The D’Aboville Foundation has prepared a bunch of pocket activities to make your festival experience one of a kind. As Malasimbo’s Social Responsibility program, here are the things you can do from 3:30-8PM, all at the Mangyan Village. 7_daboville-foundation_schedule

Here is the detailed schedule of the Malasimbo Talks: malasimbo-checklist-sheet-1 ABOUT THE SPEAKERS: Emmanuel d’Aboville, poetry book author and D’Aboville Foundation Board Member. Water with Blessings, international organization with a mission of providing safe drinking water to rural communities Eping Mayot, Surat Hanunuo Mangyan Teaching Program teacher Hubert and Ara d’Aboville, founders, D’Aboville Foundation Nereus “Neric” Acosta, former Presidential Adviser on Environment Protection, (Aquino administration); D’Aboville Foundation Board Member Emmanuel Schutz, Program Coordinator, Mangyan-Tamaraw Driven Landscape Program; Board Member, D’Aboville Foundation Dr. Christian Rosales, PhD, Program Assistant, Mangyan-Tamaraw Driven Landscape Program Liter of Light, global organization committed to providing affordable, sustainable solar light to people with limited or no access to electricity.

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