D’Aboville Foundation Now Open for Sponsorships through Malasimbo Festival


Yearly, the DAboville Foundation joins VUE in organizing the Malasimbo Festival and operates its Corporate Social Responsibility aspect,  namely the Indigenous People (IP) and Environment pillars of the festival. Its annual proceeds go to the funding of the foundation’s flagship programs involving the Mangyan Indigenous People and the environmental preservation of Mindoro: educ-prog-4

  • Surat Mangyan Teaching Program
  • Mangyan-Tamaraw Driven Landscape Program
  • Education Programs
  • Environment Conservation Programs
  • Malasimbo Festival IP and Environment Activities

On this regard, we gladly announce that we are again open for SPONSORS who wish to help us run our yearly programs. Through the Malasimbo Festival, the exposure benefits we offer are heightened. This is the best time to send your support.  IMG_20151003_075914-1 To receive our SPONSORSHIP KIT with the complete list of PACKAGES and EXPOSURE platforms,

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